Discover the Benefits of a Military Workout

I have been using a Military Workout fitness routine to get fit and healthy – I discovered in the DVD “Back To The Basics – Fitness Program“. So I thought I would share my experiences using a military style fitness workout for my regular fitness routine. I am glad you found this blog and I strongly suggest you keep reading to here my story and, what I hope is a fair assessment of the army workout style routines I have used.

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This is my unadulterated account of my experiences using the Back to The Basics Fitness Program DVD . It has been working for me so here are my thoughts on the system.  Check it out here.

To give my review some context, I’ll share some background with you. I had become a bit complacent when it came to exercise, and then suddenly I am in my Forties, with a bit of a belly, and feeling rather unfit and tired. I have never been one for gyms – you pay the fees and then the only pounds you lose are the ones leaving your bank account. As for the latest fitness gadgets and fads I see on shopping channels, well don’t go there. No, I was looking for something that I could do at home, or in the park, an exercise routine that relied on simple, basic exercises.

It was then I suddenly began to realise there were a lot of military fitness boot camps cropping up, and it dawned on me, that the army have been training raw recruits for years, turning them into personnel at the peak of their physical fitness. All of this achieved without fancy gym equipment. If anyone knows how to get you fit then it is the army. So I started researching the whole area of military workouts, from Army workouts to full on Navy SEAL Workouts.

In the end, I discovered the Back to The Basics Fitness Program, which basically laid out the basic military workouts, exercises and plans, in an easy, and digestible form.  And I was set. I am very much a process guy, and the simple way the Military Style Workouts are laid out and explained, in simple straightforward manner is what appealed to me.

Don’t get me wrong, you still have to be motivated, put in the effort, and be your own drill master, but with the right application I have begun to feel fitter, and stronger. I have already moved up to the next level.

Depending on your fitness level you may find starting the programme a bind, but once you start you’ll find a Military Workout addictive – and soon build all round core strength and stamina, hopefully improving your self-confidence, and spurring you on.

It won’t find the time for you, and you still need the motivation – but as an all round fitness routine to build core strength, stamina and all round fitness it is very good, and the course does suit a range of fitness levels, so you can progress at your own rate.

I hope you enjoyed my review and if you think it is for you, then I recommend you take a look.

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Fast Military Workout For Those In A Hurry

On September 5, 2012, in Military Workout, by lordkensal

If you are looking for a quick Military Workout then how about this 10 minute army style fitness workout. Ten minutes a day is not much to ask – and yet this workout is powerful and effective, and of course very, very portable. No need for a gym – so you can take this military style fitness workout with you.

Here are the 5 main exercises, that will get your heart pumping and those muscles working for complete whole body conditioning

  1. Staggered Hand Pushups
  2. Prisoner Lunges
  3. Renegade Rows (Dumbbells or Bodyweight) or Standard Pull-ups
  4. Wide Outs
  5. Plank Crawls (just crawl as fast as you can and as long as you can until the time is up.

What you need to do perform each of the exercises for 1 minute. You must complete 2 rounds of these exercises. You are aiming for as many repetitions in that minute as possible, making sure you keep your form good.

Here is a video of the exercise workout for help:

It goes without saying, warm up before hand and warm down afterwards. Don’t be fooled into thinking just because this military style workout is only ten minutes long. It is an intense workout that will help condition the body. You are raising the heart weight to help burn calories and working the muscles (hopefully to fatigue) so they build back bigger and stronger.

Good luck and enjoy. More military workouts to follow soon.

Military Workout With Poles

On April 5, 2011, in Military Workout, by lordkensal

If you need any more convincing that a military workout gets results, then check out these guys.  As I have always said, you don’t need fancy gym equipment to get fit using military style fitness, and these guys have found ways to improvise just using some wooden poles.

Military fitness can offer intense cardio and strength exercise in short bursts that give you speed, agility and burn fat – giving you that lean, muscle look. These guys obviously do a bit more – but a basic military workout will get results.

Navy SEAL Workout – How to Get Super Fit

On February 13, 2011, in Navy Seal Workout, by lordkensal

As promised, here are videos 3 to 5 of a Navy SEAL Workout. Now, when it comes to a Military Workout the beauty is that you can adapt and find the right military exercises to suit your fitness level. The Navy SEAL Workout is for the more fit amongst you. Elite athletes who are looking to be in better shape than your opponents?

So, no matter if you are an elite athlete or a weekend warrior,
Take your work out to the next level with these Navy SEAL Workout exercises.
Workout 3 of 5:

Workout 4 of 5:

Workout 5 of 5:

Check out Videos 1 to 2 here at Navy SEAL Workout

Navy Seal Workout – How To Get Super Fit

On February 8, 2011, in Navy Seal Workout, by lordkensal

If you want to get superfit, whatever your fitness levels, then Navy SEAL Workouts could be the answer. Definitely not for beginners but ideal for those people who consider themselves elite athletes, or just want to take their fitness to another level.

As with any Military Workout, you don’t have to be in the military to really benefit. We have mentioned before that a military workout suits many fitness levels, and the Navy SEAL Workout is best for those who have been exercising for a while, and are looking for a new fitness challenge. But we can guarantee one thing – it will make you supremely fit, and ready for combat, whether that is just dealing with everyday life, playing sports or just pushing one’s self.

Check out this great series of videos for Navy SEAL Workout.

Part 3 to follow soon.

Military Workout TACFIT WarriorIf you really want to get fit like the Navy SEAL Workout and get fit using methods utilised by Special Ops Teams around the world Both in MIND and BODY then I highly recommend the unique TACFIT Warrior fitness course.

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Military Workout For Busy Lives

On February 6, 2011, in Military Workout, by lordkensal

Ok, ok, when it comes to a Military Workout, we know that it can get you fit. That is fine. But we all live busy lives so you may think you just don’t have the time. Well think again soldier! …. or everyday civilian. Getting fit with a Military Workout can be done in as little as 10 to 20 minutes a day. Yes, ten minutes. For the sake of your health are you telling me you cannot spare ten minutes a day. Well here is a great 10 minute military workout that you can easily do in your home. It involves 5 simple exercises, each exercise performed for one minute, 30 sec rest, then repeat.

Make the time, and put in the effort and you will see results. A military workout is one fitness routine that will work – guaranteed. It has been working in the armed forces for years, so it will work on us civilians.

So here is the Ten Minutes A Day Military Workout

Military Workout Basic Exercise Techniques

On February 4, 2011, in Military Workout, by lordkensal

Any basic Military Workout consists on various simple exercises that you can do in your home, park or gym. They are the basic excercises that you may well know, and it pays to learn the right technique.

So here are some great videos that demonstatrate the techniques for an effective military workout. I have included the following:


Sit Ups

and jogging.

It is important to learn the proper techniques for push-ups and sit-ups, and get tips for running, in order to maximise the results from a Military Workout. So check out this video where you can get advice on the best technique for Sit Up, Push Ups and  an eight-minute mile from a certified personal trainer.

Military Workout Courses Reviewed

On January 31, 2011, in Military Workout, by lordkensal

Military WorkoutThe Military Workout is a very popular form of fitness and weight loss, with Boot Camps opening up everywhere. They offer outdoor fitness to a wide range of fitness levels and abilities – and are open to all.  Popular with men and women, there is bound to be a military workout or army workout boot camps near you.

But what do they consist of?
When exercising it is important to keep some variety in your routines. The fantastic thing about Boot Camp Fitness classes are that every class is different. Sometimes they may just consist of an hour of sit-ups or push-ups, or is may only be a 10K run. The classes are usually run by ex-military types and can be really inspiring. As the instructors tend to come from a military background they know all about motivation and they can really help you push your limits. Often you don’t get this in a gym, especially if you are there on your own. In addition working in a group creates a sense of fun, and it feels less of a chore, while also being quite competitive. A little bit of competitiveness can suit some people, and motivate them to try harder.

Health Benefits?
A Military workout and Boot Camp Fitness provide a brilliant cardiovascular work-out> This will build your strength and tone your muscles. You will find you become more energised and it will aid stress.

Fitting Your Lifestyle?
The Boot Camp classes are very regular, which is great, so you can fit your work around them.

Check out these great reviews from THE TIMES and THE GUARDIAN in the UK.  Similar courses are on offer in the US.